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C# Question

Join two collection

I have a collection

that contains

Dictionary<int, string> persons;

1 John

2 Pitter

3 Carl

Then I have a collection with person ids by organization:

IDictionary<int, IEnumerable<int>> workers;

100 - [1,2]

101 - []

102 - [3]

And finally I have the main entity that contains only OrganizationId:

entity.OrganizationId = 100;

I need to go through
and get all ids of persons (it will give:
), to finally get the names of those persons from
. How can I do that?

Answer Source

If you just want the persons from this particular OrganisationId:

var personsFromOrganisation = workers[OrganizationId].Select(i => persons[i]);

If you want an object that directly associates all OrganisationId to corresponding persons (here using a dictionary):

var organisationsIds = entities.Select(e => e.OrganisationId).Distinct();
var personsByOrganisation = organisationsIds.ToDictionary(id => id, id => workers[id].Select(pid => persons[pid]));
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