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Python Question

Horner's method to return P(x) and its derivative

def horner(x,coeffs):
result = 0
deriv = 0
for a in coeffs:
result = x*result+a
deriv = x*deriv+result
return result,deriv

this is what I have got. But the value of deriv is not correct which I dont know why..

Answer Source

I use this function to differenciate:

def differenciate(coefficients):
    return [c * (len(coefficients) - i) for i, c in enumerate(coefficients[:-1])]

and this function to evaluate a polinomial:

def call(coefficients, x):
    return sum(x ** (len(coefficients) - i - 1) * c for i, c in enumerate(coefficients))

There might be no need to do both in one function. You can do

call(differenciate([1, 2, 3, 4]), 4)

Used here

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