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Python Question

Python regex using or condition

Hi Friends I'm trying to include "or |" condition in search pattern using Can someone help me how to achieve or condition as I'm not getting match.
Below code works

>>> pattern = re.escape('apple.fruit[0]')
>>> sig = 'apple.fruit[0]'
>>> if, sig):
... print("matched")
>>> pattern = re.escape('apple.fruit[0] or vegi[0]')
>>> if, sig):
... print("matched")

I want to match above string "apple." followed by fruit[0] or vegi[0]

Answer Source

Regex or should be achieved through | operator and we don't inculde this inside re.escape. If you do so, then it would loose it's special meaning.

pattern = re.escape('apple.fruit[0]')+ '|' + re.escape('vegi[0]')


pattern = r'apple\.fruit\[0\]|vegi\[0\]'
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