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Alternatives to iframe srcdoc?

Generally I am against the use of iframes, but it solved a particular problem of mine.

The thing is that I have a tinyMCE-editor at a webpage. After the user have made the content using this editor the content is sent as HTML to a web application. This content is then displayed in a div. Thing is that tinyMCE often add styles with position absolute and things that break with the rest of the web applicaiton.

When testing I found out that the new HTML 5

iframe srcdoc="<p>Some HTML</p>"
was perfect for my situation. It looked seamless and the contents style and my style was intact. Sadly I now see that the HTML5 srcdoc attribute is not yet supported by Android ( yields different result in chrome and android browser).

So the question is: Is there any alternative to the iframe srcdoc which will preserve all style of the received content and contain it in a div?

Answer Source

As suggested by eicto by comment, jquery could be used to fill an iframe at the ready-event. In order to adjust the height of the iframe to the height of the content some dirty hacks had to be applied, but the code I ended up using is more or less:


<!-- IMPORTANT! Do not add src or srcdoc -->
<!-- NOTICE!    Add border:none to get a more "seamless" integration -->
<iframe style="border:none" scrolling="no" id="myIframe">
    Iframes not supported on your device


// Wait until iFrame is ready (body is then available)
$('#myIframe').ready(function() {

    var externalHtml = '<p>Hello World!</p>';

    // Find the body of the iframe and set its HTML
    // Add a wrapping div for height hack
    // Set min-width on wrapping div in order to get real height afterwords
        .html('<div id="iframeContent" style="min-width:'+$('body').width()+'px">'

    // Let the CSS load before getting height 
    setTimeout(function() {
        // Set the height of the iframe to the height of the content
             .find('#iframeContent').height() + 'px' 
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