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React JSX Question

Set a default ref value on React?

So my code looks like so:

stockconfirmbuy: function(){
var totalbuyval = this.refs.stockpriceref.innerHTML * this.refs.stockdnum.value;
return (<div>
<input type="number" value="1" ref="stockdnum" />
<p>Your Total:</p>

My problem here is that I get a
Cannot read property 'value' of undefined
error. This refers to my
input type="number"

However, I have been trying to give my input a default value so that this does not occur. I gave it a default
, but this does not seem to satisfy the ref.

So I am wondering what I need to do to set a default ref value. Or should I be using state?


You should absolutely be using state here, set default state value with getInitialState() for both stockdnum and stockpriceref

You then can render the value from state, e.g. <input type="number" value={this.state.stockdnum}/>. Note that this will cause the input to be read-only unless you set up an onChange to update state. Read more about this here

I doubt you need refs at all for this, and in fact you should avoid them if possible. They're more for providing raw DOM refs to non-React APIs (e.g. jQuery or TweenLite or something)

Also, string refs as you are using them there will likely be removed in the future anyway