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Javascript Question

ul adding additional class which is not used anywhere

I'm working on ul with javascript/jquery and I'm facing a very strange issue. It was working fine before I worked with some tags and, after that, it is creating an issue: it is adding an additional class "ui-selectable" which is not used anywhere in the whole code and it is messing with the functionality of the code.

See the code below

<div class="row"><ul id="selectMe" class="selectMe1">

<li class="myList">Monday</li>

<li class="myList">Tuesday</li>

<li class="myList">Wednesday</li>

<li class="myList">Thursday</li>

<li class="myList">Friday</li>

<li class="myList">Saturday</li>

<li class="myList">Sunday</li>

The url of the project is here see at the end on business hours
here is the screen shot screenshot

Answer Source

Find jQuery UI method selectable() in your code and remove that method. Alternatively you can remove particular class like below:



I found script in your page source:


Just remove that script if you are not using.

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