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How to split a huge code to submit several patchsets in gerrit

I already ask a question but I have not found the suitable answer yet.

How to a huge code to small patches in Gerrit

For example, my code has several python file:,,...,

Now I want to group ( and in one patchset and group ( and in another patchset. But the condition is that 2 groups should be the same branch name. Here is an example:

An example shows different patchsets with the same branch name

Please let me know how I can do like this.

Answer Source

First you have to make git add and git add then git commit -m "<message>" and push it to your branch and you will have Change-Id. After push add the other files (,,, edit commit message with git commit --amend command. In the commit message you have to put something like this Change-Id: I0bd8b479c07945c65e14d4b59dfbcc1bc9a85a88 where I0bd8b479c07945c65e14d4b59dfbcc1bc9a85a88 is your Change-Id from first push. Now you can make git push and you will have new patch set.

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