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AngularJS Question

Add condition to AngularJS map function

I'm using the below to loop through an array and add a property to each item of the array.

$scope.addresses = $ {
address.location = "X";
return address;

this at the end will return all the items. How can I add a condition to the loop? so I can check a property and the based on that property return only certain addresses where that property is

Any help appreciated!


You should use the filter function

You can read about it here:

Basically filter is a function the gets a boolean function as a parameter (let's call it f), and returns an array with all the items that the f returns true for.

For example:

var mapped = $scope.addresses = $ {
      address.location = "X";   
      return address;

var filtered = mapped.filter(function (address) {
    return address.location.length > 5;

filtered will hold a collection of the addresses that have a location with more than 5 characters.