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Javascript Question

Object Content returning [object Object]

Trying to get content from my array of objects.

var array = [

first = {
'name': 'first',
'color': 'red',

second = {
'name': 'second',
'color': 'green',

third = {
'name': 'third',
'color': 'blue',


But instead it returns:

[object Object]

Can't seem to find an answer for this anywhere, am I missing something obvious?

codepen demo

Thanks in advance, :)

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Answer Source

You are calling on JSON objects. You can grab the content within the objects using dot notation like:

Codepen - dot notation

$('.first').text(first.name + first.color);
$('.second').text(second.name + second.color);
$('.third').text(third.name + third.color);

If you really want to print out the object though, you can use JSON.stringify() like:

Codepen - JSON.Stringify()

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