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SQL Question

Weekending date return issue

I'm adding in a weekending date into a column based on a specified date. The weekending date should be the following Sunday unless the date is a Sunday in which case it should use that date.

Declare @DateValue DateTime = '6/12/2016' --A Sunday

select DATEADD (dd, -1 * DatePart (DW, @DateValue) + 8, @DateValue)

This query returns 2016-06-19 which is the following Sunday and I want to return 2016-06-12.

Answer Source

How about this

select DATEADD (dd, iif(DatePart (DW, @DateValue)=1,0,-1 * DatePart (DW, @DateValue) + 8), @DateValue)

If you don't have SQL 2012+ as suggested by bjones

select DATEADD (dd, case when DatePart (DW, @DateValue)=1 then 0 else -1 * DatePart (DW, @DateValue) + 8 end, @DateValue)
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