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R Question

how to select some point with specificals coordinates?

My data set is:

mydata <- data.frame(
x1= as.factor(1:3),
x2= as.factor (4:6),
x3= as.factor(7:9),
x4= as.factor (2:7),
x5= as.factor(1:6),
fx= seq(0,600,len= 600),
time= seq(0,1,len=600)
group_by(x1, x2, x3, x4,x5)

I want to select the points that have the coordinates (time, fx),
that match to the first point of time , the last point of time,
the point in which there is the min(Fx), and half
of intervals points

(( ( time[[min(fx)]] - time[[1]]/2)+ time [[1]])



is there a way to do it?

Answer Source

You need to use filter, not select (you want to reduce the rows, not the columns). Then, you want to filter based on multiple conditions, so use the logical or operator, which is |. Lastly, to help dplyr along, when doing the min() arguments, include the full dataframe name. This should get you started:

mydata %>% filter(time == min(mydata$time)| time == max(mydata$time)| fx==min(mydata$fx))

I didn't add the other two intervals because I'm not fully sure what you wanted, but perhaps this should help you enough?