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RxJs: Emit each value of a sequence seperately

RxJs, Typescript 1.8 and Angular2.

I have a function which returns an Observable. The Observable calls a web API, which returns a sequence of objects. Here is my actual code:

getClients(): Observable<IClient[]> {
return this.backendService.get(`tracker/clients`)
.map((resp: {}[]) => { return, createClientFromJson)})
.map((clients: IClient[]) => {
this.logger.debug(`Created ${clients.length} Clients from reply`);
return clients;

The call to
ultimately calls
, which returns an

And my code which consumes the events from the Observable:

loadClients() {
this.getClients().subscribe((clients: IClient[]): void => {
this.clients = this.clients.concat(clients);
this.logger.debug(`Got ${clients.length} clients, now have ${this.clients.length}.`);

This all works. However my Observable emits a single time - with a sequence of N elements. If the web API returns a sequence of 20 items, only 1 event will be emitted to

How can I make it so that each item in the sequence is emitted by itself, instead of emitting the entire sequence all at once?

In some parts of my program, I need the entire sequence. In others I need to look for one particular element that matches some criteria.

Answer Source

try this

this.getClients().flatMap(clients => Observable.from(clients)).subscribe(client => {
   // do something with client
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