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Typescript 2 can't find custom definitions

I'm trying to use some external js libraries from NPM with my typescript project, unfortunately these libraries don't have @types definitions provided so I've taken to writing my own. The definitions I've written work when I nest them in

but as soon as I move them to e.g.
they don't get picked up by the compiler and I get the following error:

ERROR in ./utils/eventEmitter.ts
(1,25): error TS2307: Cannot find module 'events'.

I'm using: TypeScript Version: 2.0.3 from npm

I've got the following project structure setup

-- events
---- index.d.ts
-- @types
-----react, react-dom etc
-- eventEmitter.js

In my tsconfig.json I have:

"compilerOptions": {
"module": "commonjs",
"moduleResolution": "node",
"target": "es5",
"jsx": "react",
"allowJs": true,
"sourceMap": true,
"typeRoots" : [
"types" : [
"exclude" : [

in eventEmitter.js I have the following:

import * as events from "events";

Just to clarify the concrete events module JS is located at

Answer Source

The problem described by my question has been acknowledged as a bug in typescript (I'm using 2.0.3).

The solution is to add the following config to tsconfig.json:

"compilerOptions": {
    "path": {
         "*": ["*", "./@types/*"]

as per: github issue

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