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MySQL Question

SASL LOGIN authentication failed: UGFzc3dvcmQ6

CentOS6.6, Postfix, dovecot 2.0.9 and MySQL 5.1.73

dovecot configuration (


driver = mysql
connect = host= dbname=postfix user=root password=lingo

default_pass_scheme = SHA512
password_query = SELECT email as user, password FROM virtual_user WHERE email='%u';

MySQL database:

mysql> SELECT email as user, password FROM virtual_user WHERE email='';
| user | password |
| | 0da3b4b0385c432a800ca15eae1a8485e5f7abad7b70b4e1c2b9cf15f68afd256cedb2029c6f7cec09e1221e6b10142081e1bb8e5c |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

The password is generated by
, Java code:

//print :0da3b4b0385c432a800ca15eae1a8485e5f7abad7b70b4e1c2b9cf15f68afd256cedb2029c6f7cec09e1221e6b10142081e1bb8e5c

Now I wrote some Java-code to authenticate:

public static void sendEmail() throws EmailException, GeneralSecurityException {

SimpleEmail email = new SimpleEmail();
// smtp host
// DigestUtils.sha512Hex("lingo".getBytes())
email.setAuthentication("", "lingo");

MailSSLSocketFactory socketFactory = new MailSSLSocketFactory();
Properties propsSSL = email.getMailSession().getProperties();
propsSSL.put("mail.smtp.port", "465");
propsSSL.put("mail.smtp.ssl.checkserveridentity", "false");
propsSSL.put("mail.smtp.ssl.socketFactory", socketFactory);
email.addTo("", "John Doe");
email.setFrom("", "Me");
email.setSubject("Test message");
email.setMsg("This is a simple test of commons-email");

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
// System.out.println(DigestUtils.sha512Hex("lingo".getBytes()));

But it fails with following error:

Sep 12 13:30:51 localhost dovecot: auth: Debug: sql(, query: SELECT email as user, password FROM virtual_user WHERE email='';
Sep 12 13:30:51 localhost dovecot: auth: Error: sql(, Password in passdb is not in expected scheme SHA512
Sep 12 13:30:53 localhost postfix/smtpd[1872]: warning: unknown[]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: UGFzc3dvcmQ6
Sep 12 13:30:53 localhost dovecot: auth: Debug: client out:
Sep 12 13:30:53 localhost postfix/smtpd[1872]: lost connection after AUTH from unknown[]
Sep 12 13:30:53 localhost postfix/smtpd[1872]: disconnect from unknown[]

How can I fix the authentication?

Answer Source

This is a dovecot configuration issue. Dovecot knows two hash encodings, the "traditional" hex encoding (ie. SHA512.HEX) and Base64-encoding (ie. SHA512.b64). The latter is more space-efficient when stored as strings and default in Dovecot. An example for generating the hash with sha512, sha512.b64 and sha512.hex encodings:

$ doveadm pw -p lingo -s sha512
$ doveadm pw -p lingo -s sha512.b64
$ doveadm pw -p lingo -s sha512.hex

Use default_pass_scheme = SHA512.HEX if you create hex-encoded passwords hashes in Java. The better solution would be to use Dovecot's {SCHEME}hash encoding instead of setting the default_pass_scheme, though: doing so, you can easily change/upgrade the hash method later without invalidating all user's passwords at once. An example for the hash you used in this scheme:


Finally: plain hashing of passwords is never save, also not when using large SHA512 hashes. Never store unsalted password hashes, you're vulnerable to rainbow table attacks if the database leaks.

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