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Javascript Question

.css() is not a function [jQuery]?

I have the following custom tag/directive :

<tile class="ng-scope gridster-item" tilevalue="1" gridster-item="tile" row="0" col = "0" ng-repeat="tile in selectedTiles"> </tile>

I've created a keyboard control where the goal is to focus on each tile ("tile" directive) in the "selectedTiles" array per keyboard event (shift + right arrow);

// Keyboard Tile Navigation

//Starting pos
var curIndex = -1

//keyboard control
$(document).keydown(function(event) {

if (event.shiftKey && event.which === 39) {

function focusNext() {

function focusTile(delta) {

var visibleTiles = $scope.selectedTiles;
var elem = $("[gridster-item='tile']");

curIndex = curIndex + delta;
el = elem[curIndex];

el.attr('tabindex', -1).focus();
el.css("border-color", "yellow");


When I get a console log of the variable "elem" I get the array of tiles that appear in the dom (as is expected). The problem is when I try to add a .attr() function or a .css() function, I get the error stating these are not functions, how can i adjust?

Answer Source

Use $(elem[curIndex]) instead of elem[curIndex] and Try this:

.css() is method of jquery and if you want to use that method you can access element using

So it will be:

$(elem[curIndex]).css("border-color", "yellow");

Now if you want to use javascript to add style to element you can try this:

(just an example)

var myElement = document.querySelector("#superman");
myElement.style.backgroundColor = "#D93600";
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