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Android Question

How do you un-provision a device in order to set the Device Owner?

'm trying to set up Device Owner using the sample apps downloadable from

But when I NFC tap the devices in the logcat for the device I am trying to set the Device Owner for I see this:

/? E/ManagedProvisioning´╣Ľ Device already provisioned.

However I am doing a factory reset just before attempting the provisioning, so how can I get the device into an unprovisioned state?

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I've seen different behaviours depending on models.

Usually removing all accounts from a device is enough, but it is not rare when you actually need to factory reset it.

In either case, don't setup any accounts on it. After factory reset, do the least you can on the device to enable USB debugging, install the you want to enable DeviceOwner for and you may even try to set it up through adb.

adb shell dpm set-device-owner app.package/.DeviceAdminReceiver

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