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Python Question

How to apply different operations to different columns of a matrix?

I have a nested list as a matrix. To each column's item of it I need to apply the same operation but one of the operation's argument depends on the column, so it's variable., and is contained in a list. What should I use for that?


arg_list = [1,2,3]

matrix = [[1,2,3],

Result of subtraction:

matrix = [[0,0,0],

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You can use a list of lambda expressions for the operations you want to carry out like:

operations = [lambda x:x*2,lambda x:x+1,lambda x:x//3]

so here we multiply the first column by two, we increment the second column and we divide the third column by three.

Now we can use the following list comprehension to generate a new matrix:

new_matrix = [[f(x) for f,x in zip(operations,row)] for row in matrix]

Say your matrix is:

matrix = [[1,2,3],

then the new_matrix is:

>>> [[f(x) for f,x in zip(operations,row)] for row in matrix]
[[2, 3, 1], [2, 4, 1], [12, 8, 0], [2, 5, 0]]

or more syntactically:

new_matrix = [[2,  3, 1],
              [2,  4, 1],
              [12, 8, 0],
              [2,  5, 0]]

In case you have however a generic function:

def f(column,x):
    # ... column is the index (starting by 0)
    return column+x # an example

You can use enumerate:

new_matrix = [[f(col,x) for col,x in enumerate(row)] for row in matrix]

In your case you can thus write:

def f(column,x):
    return x-arg_list[column]
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