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How to retrieve grandchildren through a polymorphic relation in Laravel 5.2?

My database design looks like the below diagram.

A course has many modules
Modules morphs to Scorm and other 2 tables (not used in this example)
A scorm Morph one Module and has Many Scoes
I am trying to access from my course model all the scoes related using:


I am using Laravel 5.2, using the Eloquent relations I know this is not possible. After few tests, using the query builder I actually can return the correct data, but, they come back as being an instance of Module::class instead of Scorm, and Sco.

This is the code I have now.


public function modules() {
return $this->hasMany(Module::class);

public function scorms(){
return $this->modules()->where('moduleable_type','=','scorms');
public function scoes(){
return $this->scorms()->select('scoes.*')

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Answer Source

I found a way to do what I was trying to do. This way makes only 2 queries to the db and it's located in the Sco Model.

//returns a Course Object.

* Get the course
* @return App\Course|null
public function Course(){
   $o = $this
        ->select('courses.id as course_id')

    if(!$o) return null;

    return Course::find($o->course_id);

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