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How to setup Dlib with Visual Studio 2013 without CMake?

  • The official document of dlib is shown as follow:

       All you need to do is create an empty console project. Then add dlib/all/source.cpp to it and add the folder containing the dlib folder to the #include search path. Then you can compile any example program by adding it to your project.

       Again, note that dlib will only be able to work with jpeg and png files if you link in libjpeg and libpng. In Visual Studio, the easiest way to do this is to add all the source files in the dlib/external folder into your project and also define the DLIB_PNG_SUPPORT and DLIB_JPEG_SUPPORT preprocessor directives. If you don't know how to configure Visual Studio then you should use CMake as shown above since it will take care of everything automatically.

  • But you'll get less help according to those descriptions. What worse thing is this document is only for Visual Studio 2010, but I want to setup Dlib in the version 2013. So, how to setup without CMake?

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