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Ruby Question

grep single line from multiline string

A variable

holds a multi line string. I want to grep a line from it. I want to grep the string line
kernel release 721
and assign it to a variable. Is there any way to do so?

irb(main):152:0> print str
*************************** Component ********************
c:\temp\agent\bin\CAR.exe: 721, patch 618, changelist 1633822, NTAMD64, opt
AGENT information

kernel release 721

kernel make variant 721_REL

compiled on NT 6.1 7601 S x86 MS VC++ 14.00 for NTAMD64

compiled for 64 BIT

compilation mode Non-Unicode

compile time Mar 21 2016 21:07:50

patch number 12

latest change number 1659167

supported environment

operating system
Windows NT 5.0
Windows NT 5.1
Windows NT 5.2
Windows NT 6.0
Windows NT 6.1

Answer Source
string.lines.grep /pattern/


string.each_line.grep /pattern/

which might be more efficient

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