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Install PHP Internationalization extension (Intl) on XAMPP on Mac

How can I install Intl on my XAMPP server on OS X?

I tried modifying my XAMPP>etc>php.ini and uncommenting the line:


and restarting Apache, but it didn't work.

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Installing "intl" extension on OSX.

  1. Normally, the PHP is automatically installed on OSX. So, if you would like to use the XAMPP, or whatever apache server, you must change the path point to XAMPP. You can check the path by using:

$ which php

You should get


if not, you will get


This is OSX' php. So, you have to change it by using:

$ PATH="/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/bin:${PATH}"

  1. Now, it's time to install intl. Firstly, you need to install icu4c

$ brew install icu4c

It takes a couple of times and returns its path to you, should look something like this:

  1. Next, let's install intl by using pecl

$ sudo pecl update-channels

$ sudo pecl install intl

It will prompt you to put the icu4c path. After finish installing icu4c, put the following statement to php.ini
  1. Restart apache. and check whether it's neatly installed.

$ php -m | grep intl

should return 'intl'

That's it!

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