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Infinitely Nested Dictionary in Python

Does anyone know if there's a standard class for an infinitely nestable dictionary in Python?

I'm finding myself repeating this pattern:

d = defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(int)))
d['abc']['def']['xyz'] += 1

If I want to add "another layer" (e.g.
), I have to define another nesting of defaultdicts.

To generalize this pattern, I've written a simple class that overrides
to automatically create the next nested dictionary.


d = InfiniteDict(('count',0),('total',0))
d['abc']['def']['xyz'].count += 0.24
d['abc']['def']['xyz'].total += 1
d['abc']['def']['xyz']['wrt'].count += 0.143
d['abc']['def']['xyz']['wrt'].total += 1

However, does anyone know of a pre-existing implementation of this idea? I've tried Googling, but I'm not sure what this would be called.

sth sth
Answer Source

You can derive from defaultdict to get the behavior you want:

class InfiniteDict(defaultdict):
   def __init__(self):
      defaultdict.__init__(self, self.__class__)

class Counters(InfiniteDict):
   def __init__(self):
      self.count = 0
      self.total = 0

   def show(self):
      print "%i out of %i" % (self.count, self.total)

Usage of this class would look like this:

>>> d = Counters()
>>> d[1][2][3].total = 5
>>> d[1][2][3].show()
0 out of 5
>>> d[5].show()
0 out of 0
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