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Python Question

Error installing scrapy in python 3.5

I am installing Scrapy in Python 3.5. I am referring to the installation guide here .

I have installed

. I tried both ways mentioned in the guide, but am getting this error:

error installing scrapy

I have already installed

conda install -c scrapinghub scrapy


pip install Scrapy

What is wrong with the installation?

Answer Source

You're trying to install scrapy in the python interpreter, you should install the package in your terminal. What's more, one requirement of installing scrapy is python 2.7, you're using python 3.5


Good news: Python 3 is Coming to Scrapy, you can try pip install scrapy==1.1.0rc1 now. Note that there are still some limitations, but won't be long that scrapy will have full of 3.x support. Pay close attention to the scrapy development ;)

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