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CSS Question

JavaFX usage of "in jar" images in css

I am trying to add background image to some pane in my javafx application, the image is located inside the package resources.img and the css is located inside the package resources.css

if i setting the background image programmatically like suggested in this thread:
Setting background image by javafx code (not css)

it works fine but i would like to know if i can set the background image from the css file itself.

i tried

-fx-background-image: url("@../img/myImage.png");

but then the css interpreter didn't find the image file.
is it possible to do what i want via css?

Answer Source

JavaFX CSS parser has a limitation like

@-keyword statements are ignored.

described in "Limitations" section of CSS Reference Guide. It may be the cause of your problem though didn't confirm myself. Can you try like this: -fx-background-image: url("../img/myImage.png");
or -fx-background-image: url("resources/img/myImage.png");.

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