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MySQL Question

Why does the database not return data about the user after registering?

I recently learned how to make login systems with PHP and MYSQL. I decided to make one for my site. The user signs up with email, password, first name, and last name. I wanted to make a greeting say "My greetings, " and then their name. I could save the names in a session, but I am wondering why my method doesn't completely work. It works every time EXCEPT right after registration. This is the complete signup code:

$error = "";


if(array_key_exists("id", $_SESSION)){

header("Location: index.php");


if(array_key_exists("submit", $_POST)){

include("connection.php");//database connection

$email = $_POST['email'];

$password = $_POST['password'];

$firstName = $_POST['firstname'];

$lastName = $_POST['lastname'];

$query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email='".mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $email)."'";

$result = mysqli_query($link, $query);

if(mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0){

$error = "<div class='alert alert-danger' role='alert'><strong>Error:<br><br></strong>This email already exists.<hr></div>";


$query = "INSERT INTO users(firstname, lastname, email, password) VALUES('".mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $firstName)."', '".mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $lastName)."', '".mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $email)."', '".mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $password)."')";

mysqli_query($link, $query);

$query = "UPDATE users SET password = '".md5(md5(mysqli_insert_id($link)).$password)."' WHERE id=".mysqli_insert_id($link)."";

mysqli_query($link, $query);

$_SESSION['id'] = mysqli_insert_id($link);//where the issue originates
if(isset($_POST['check']) && $_POST['check']=='true'){

setcookie("id", mysqli_insert_id($link), time() + 60*60*24*365);

header("Location: index.php");



On the index page, this is what I do:

if(array_key_exists('id', $_COOKIE)){

$_SESSION['id'] = $_COOKIE['id'];


$greeting = "";

if(array_key_exists('id', $_SESSION)){

include("connection.php");//just the login to the database

$query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE id = ".$_SESSION['id'];

$results = mysqli_query($link, $query);

$row = mysqli_fetch_array($results);

$greeting = "My greetings, ".$row['firstname']." ".$row['lastname'];//add name to greeting variable


Later in the code:

<p id="greeting">
<?php echo $greeting; ?>

The right name shows up after logging in, but never after signing up, even if I reload the page. What shows up instead of "My greetings, firstname lastname" is "My greetings, ". It is like the database found no name for that particular id.

How can I have the correct result right after registering. If you need any other code from the signup or login process, please tell me and I will post it. If anyone wants to try this for themselves, my website is here.

Answer Source

I didn't test your code but I think it's because the session is not started yet when after the signs up. Try adding session_start(); in the first line of your first code.

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