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Hosting Angular2 on Heroku

I am having trouble finding a tutorial on how to host an angular2 application (hopefully with Typescript) on Heroku or any other hosting provider for that matter.

Ideally, I'd like to find a way to run this repo on Heroku but guidance on any angular2/typescript repo on Heroku would be helpful:

Any guidance or advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated

Answer Source

You will need server app/framework for that.

This repository contains files from Express generator app and Quick-start Angular 2 app.

I have one other example that is also ready for Heroku: express + angular 2 + Procfile ( needed by the Heroku ) + other libraries

You need an account on Heroku. Push this code as-is ( in both cases ).

Official repo from Angular2 ( server side rendering ) on Express:

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