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Xcode 7 - Some segues not working anymore

I upgraded my Swift app to Xcode 7 / Swift 2.0 and now suddenly certain segues in my app no longer work.

I have a segue popping up a "Check In" modal and it works perfectly, but then I have another segue popping up a "Check Out" modal that's near identical and it doesn't launch and the app is frozen.

I re-created the segue from scratch, confirmed that it is identical to the "Check In" one, and it still doesn't work.

I also, instead, tried launching a blank view instead of my Check Out modal and it works fine.

There are no errors, it just freezes, I did confirm that the "prepareForSegue" portion is being called correctly but the "viewDidLoad" portion of my modal is not being invoked.

FYI, I have auto-layout turned off.

Answer Source

Does your "Check Out" modal have a UITextView? If it does, then there's a bug in Xcode 7 / iOS9 where you cannot launch a modal (or any root view) that contains a UITextView if you have set a default text value in storyboard.

A work around is to make sure your UITextView in storyboard is either blank or has the default Lorem Ipsem value and instead, set the text programmatically in code on viewDidLoad.

Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon.

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