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Bash Question

How does the shell script execute launch?

launch 1
Segmentation fault

** Don't have a product spec for: 'full'
** Do you have the right repo manifest?

I have tried to download different sources n repo synced. I reinstalled the Linux and then carefully did the environment, all went well till I downloaded the source and then launch.
Ok left me with no other option than to look into the shell script of which is throwing this error. I would like to debug from here so I run smthing like

bash --debugger build/

But I don't know how to execute launch from here. As this script runs it gives the option for launch, will try setting the breakpoint at the source of the error.

Answer Source

We call the shell script . When this script is sourced with the command

 source build/

I can execute all functions in this script as commands.For anyone who might wonder . Ty

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