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Pull down menus not appearing on Visual Studio 2010 after debug session

I would like to continue running Visual Studio 2010 on a new Windows 10 PC, in order to maintain some older projects, which I'm not ready to bring across to VS2015 yet.

However, on windows 10, I find that all of the drop down menus (and right-click context menus) stop appearing after running after a debug session. The only way to get them back again is to exit visual studio and re-launch it.

When clicking any of the File/Edit/etc menus in the top bar, the item will appear highlighted, but the menu that should appear below is completely invisible. Note this is not the same issue that is talked about at https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/653315/ui-gets-messed-up (which seems to be garbled menus) - mine are not there at all.

I've followed the advice there anyway, to disable hardware acceleration in the VS GUI, but I'm still having the same problem.

Any suggestions?


  • I should add that the PC (laptop) in question is a Thinkpad Yoga 460 with an NVidia GeForce 940M display adapter with switchable graphics (Intel HD Graphics 520).

  • I have tried using the NVidia control panel to force VS2010 to use the intel graphics, and I have also tried the reverse (forcing it to use the NVidia). The problem still occurs either way.

  • The menus stop working as soon as a debug session is entered (rather than on return from debug)

Answer Source

In the end, it seems one of my visual studio settings had caused the problem with the invisible/missing drop down menus.

I had imported all visual studio settings from my previous machine (using the Tools --> import/export settings option).

Resetting all Visual studio settings to defaults fixed the menus. I found that re-importing my settings, except for the "options" branch maintained the working menus.

I could dig further and try to figure out which specific setting from the "options" branch is causing the problem, but I'm leaving it here: I've got coding to do! :)

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