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Swift Question

Xcode switching between Swift 2.2 and Swift 3.0

Ever since I downloaded the new Xcode and converted/updated my syntax, Xcode has been randomly switching between the above mentioned versions of Swift. I ran 'swift -version' in my Terminal and it confirmed (for the moment) that I am running Swift 2.2

I saw this question (Swift compiler is confusing version 2 and 3) but I'm too new to add a comment and ask more questions (like why can't I find that in the targets section of my project?).

How can I set my syntax so that it stays on Swift 3 and doesn't change without warning? This will be about the fourth time I've updated everything for the sake of testing/running my app.

Hopefully this is an issue for other people and this question helps them too - I feel awful asking when I'm new. I hope to be able to know enough to help other users soon.


You can set Swift in the Terminal to be the same version as Xcode 8's with xcode-select. Point it at Xcode beta like this:

sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/Xcode-beta.app

You can also set the toolchain right in Xcode 8, in menu Xcode > Toolchains > Manage Toolchains:

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