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php session vs mysql speed

i am working a on a permission system. In each page it will need to check whether if the user has the permission to do so. I have two choices, store the data in a session variable (which is only updated during login) or query the database for the information every time.
Which is faster?

I realized that if the permission changes, I will need to update the session variable, therefore the user needs to relogin to "see" the changes in permission, but that is not a factor in the decision, only speed is.

Answer Source

Speed of SESSION vs. DB is dependent on a number of factors:

  • How much data will be stored in the session variable
  • What's the actual backing store of the session variables (if it is database backed sessions, it'll be basically the same time)

I can tell that for small amounts of data, file based session variables will be faster than DB access.

You need to measure it to obtain a relevant comparison between the two methods in your application. I personally doubt that it will make a such a difference as to not go for the session solution.

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