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How to embed a video into GitHub

Is it possible to embed a flash video into on GitHub? It isn't showing up:

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The "Github Flavored Markdown" doesn't support this kind of feature for any page:

An old support thread "Embed YouTube videos in markdown files" stated:

With, yes, everywhere else, no.

(Note: as detailed in "Github Top-Level Project Page", is the new domain for user and organization pages since April 2013.
The page GitHub publication is presented here)

This could be a feature request like the syntax highlighting was.

For instance: "HTML5 video in markdown" (August 2010):

Is there any way to implement a HTML5 video into the README.markdown file?

Not currently but we might be expanding what you can do with the READMEs in the future.

In the meantime, you can do this with GitHub Pages and our Wikis.

Benjamin Oakes confirms in the comments (May 2012):

I sent in a support request. The response was that embedding videos is not supported.

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