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C# Evaluate multiple Xpaths against an XmlDocument

I am writing a C# program where I would like to store a series of XPath statements as strings and evaluate them against an XMLDocument (or some other C# XML structure if there's a better one for this purpose) and store the resulting values in a dictionary / object.

My challenge is that my XPaths are not being able to be evaluated.

As a very simplified example, suppose this is my XML:

<child1 Id="Id1" Name="Name1" />
<child2 Id="Id2" Name="Name2" />

and, for example, one of my XPaths is:


(Get the name of
's child element with the
attribute = "Id1")

The simplified version of the code I'm trying to write to do this would be:

var xpath = @"//a/*[@Id='Id1']/name()";
var xml = @"<root><a><child1 Id='Id1' Name='Name1' /><child2 Id='Id2' Name='Name2' /></a></root>";

var doc = new XmlDocument();
var navigator = doc.CreateNavigator();

string ChildName = (string)navigator.Evaluate(xpath);

but I am getting the error that my XPath has an invalid token - Which I'm assuming the be the

Is there any way to accomplish this using direct XPath statements rather than traversing the tree?


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Pretty sure you just need to rearrange your XPath if I'm understanding you correctly. Try this:

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