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SplitviewController in navigationviewcontroller

Hey I am building my first ios application using xcode. I'm a total noob in xcode and swift and I am trying to use the storyboards to set-up my app. Here's a link to the prototype

Basically my issue is where I want to do the split view on the resellers page. I want to use the splitviewcontroller only on the page, so after an intro viewcontroller in a navigation controller. like this
I read somewhere that a splitviewcontroller must be the initial view controller, however this works if I use segues that pop up modally. But when I do that I don't really have a navigation bar anymore on the page. I only have the splitview, but there must be the option to go back.

Am I doing this completely wrong or is there a simple fix to get what I want?


If you want to present your UISplitViewController modally, then you need to wrap into UINavigationController. After it you can add UIBarButtonItem in your UISplitViewController and set an action to dismissViewControllerAnimated(true, completion: nil)

Storyboard implementation