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Is it compulsory to add Secure Flag to a Cookie over HTTPS

Till know my site is only HTTPS and I have added cookie.SecureFlag = true . I want to open it for HTTP as well so I'm forced to remove SecureFlag to a cookie as It is not working over it. Can you please tell me will my cookie sent through HTTPS (SSL) needs a secure Flag? Will it be secured without it as well?

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If you set the secure flag the cookie will only be sent to HTTPS endpoint. If you need to send the cookie to non-secure endpoints you should not use this flag although you should probably revise your design as it is considered bad practice to send authentication cookies over a non encrypted channel.

Bare in mind that it is not the secure flag that is actually securing anything inside the cookie. It is the SSL encryption which ensures that a man-in-the-middle will not be able to decrypt the value of the traffic. The secure flag only ensures that the browser will transmit the cookie over SSL.