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Python Question

Converting python long input to pseudo code

example = example + str(i + 1) + ": " + input("Example: ") + "\n"

the code above is giving me trouble converting it to pseudo code. I have tried
doing something like :
take user input for the example, add the example number at the start. Store it in a string on separate lines.

What i tried doesn't look right and sitting around for a few minutes i have concluded that i need some help.

Answer Source

Assuming example = "" and you are looping over some i value, and rewriting like so

example += str(i + 1) + ": " + input("Example: ") + "\n"

You can say "append a new line starting with the next number in the sequence followed by user input"

In terms of pseudo code, I don't really see what needs converted. That one line is pretty concise.

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