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Dart Question

How do I set indenting options for a language in a VSCode extension?

I'm working on a VS Code extension for Dart. The convention for Dart is to indent with 2 spaces (ugh, I hate this too) so I'd like to automatically set it when the user opens a Dart file rather than use their defaults.

There's an

property in the
class but it's not clear how I can set this, nor the best way to do it (it would be nicer to set this at a language level than to keep setting it whenever a document is opened, for example).

Answer Source

In order to use the FormattingOptions, set up a callback for vscode.window.onDidChangeActiveTextEditor() in your extension's activate() function:

let disposable = vscode.window.onDidChangeActiveTextEditor((editor) => {
    if(!editor) {

    if (editor.document.languageId != "your_id_here") {

    editor.options = {
        cursorStyle: editor.options.cursorStyle,
        insertSpaces: true,
        tabSize: 2

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