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How can I restrict export options in SSRS rdlc file using report properties or writing custom code in report code section?

I have googled too many links but all I get is to handle above requirement using report viewer at server side only.

I want some solution at my end only.

For ex: While creating\modifying rdlc file, would it be possible to restrict the export options ? Either using the report properties or writing custom code in report code section.

I have worked on rdl files & not rdlc's so don't have much idea about it.

I hope this question stands correctly under stack standards !


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It is not possible to restrict export options using report custom code or any report property. The closest thing you can do using report properties is hide report components based on the Globals!RenderFormat.IsInteractive built-in field.

However, you can customize Report Viewer web app to change the exporting options matching your needs. Report Viewer has several properties that let you modify things like Show export menu item.


Also read this article where there is an example of PDF export customization.

Let me know if this helps.

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