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Yii2 Asset bundle include html files

This is a very niche case, but I am trying to use Google's new Polymer web components framework in a test with Yii2. The components are installed with bower (and if possible, I'd like to maintain them this way as well), and are thus outside of the web-accessible zone under @vendor.

I originally thought I could create an AssetBundle to pull the resources out of the vendor/bower/, but it looks like the AssetBundle class only supports css and js files. Can this be overridden by making changes to the AssetBundle class? Is this even a good idea?

Or should I move these files to somewhere within the web-accessible space to save myself the headaches of trying to manage them?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Yii2 assetManager will publish all the files in specified source directory, not only css and js. You could then simply build the needed link tags in your layout, e.g. :

Register your asset bundle :

$polymerAssetBundle = \app\assets\PolymerAssetBundle::register($this);

Or if you want to load it in head :

$this->registerAssetBundle(\app\assets\PolymerAssetBundle::className(), \yii\web\View::POS_HEAD);

Then you could import your polymer component like this :

<link rel="import" href="<?= $polymerAssetBundle->baseUrl ?>/path/to/your/component.html">

About baseUrl :

if you specify the sourcePath property, the asset manager will publish the assets and overwrite this property accordingly

Read more :

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