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JSON Question

parse a Json string with Newtonsoft

I have a JSON object that I store in a database that is created by
var data = JSON.stringify($('#frm').serializeArray()); I want to call it and use Newtonsoft.json to parse it out into it's parts. My totally convoluted VB.Net code is (Dont pick on me I know it is a hack)

Dim reader As JsonTextReader = New JsonTextReader(New StringReader(TextBox1.Text))
Dim firstname As String = ""
Dim middleInitial As String = ""
Dim lastName As String = ""

While (reader.Read())

Select Case reader.Value
Case "disFirst"
firstname = reader.Value
Case "disMiddle"
middleInitial = reader.Value
Case "disLast"
lastName = reader.Value
End Select
End While

MessageBox.Show(firstname + " " + middleinitial + " " + lastName)

but it works. I 100% know that there are MUCH better ways so if someone can point me in the right VB.Net direction that would be great. My Json string is


Answer Source

That json is more that a little wonky. It appears to be describing an entity, but rather than an object with firstname, lastname etc it is just a set of name pairs. As long as there is just one entity there, I guess it could work.

This will deserialize the json to an array of name pairs:

Public Class NameValuePair
    Public Property name As String
    Public Property value As String
End Class

Then to deserialize:

Dim jstr = from whereever
Dim myNVPs = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of NameValuePair())(jstr)

The name will contain those awful keys like disLast and value will be the related data. As an array you can loop thru it to get the data.

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