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Linux Question

Linux Ubuntu 14.04.1 File Permissions

im really new to Linux permissions so I would appreciate help with this simple query.

Ubuntu 14.04.1

I have 2 users


I have a directory

The directory is

I would like to create a new group add
root and user1
to that group and make that group have read, write and delete permissions(FULL PERMISSIONS), to the directory,

Can someone please help me ?

Thank you.

Answer Source

Root is usually not added to any group because root is allowed to do everything he or she wants.

So you have multiple options now:

1) you don't create a group and give the permissons to user1 (simplest solution)

chown -R user1:user1 /var/www/html/gallery

chmod -R 700 /var/www/html/gallery

2) you create the group anyways and just add one user. that just makes sense when you want to add some more users to the group later

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