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Xcode 7.3 The operation couldn't be completed (LaunchServicesError error 0)

I've updated to Xcode 7.3 yesterday and can't really use the simulator since then. I always get this error as soon as I want to start to the app.
When I deinstall the app on the simulator, everything works great. But that can't be a solution. This would take to long. I have also tried different simulators. On the iPhone itself it worked. I changed nothing since the upgrade

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May be it's because CFBundleVersion key/value pair in app's Info.plist.

If your app's Info.plist does not contain a valid CFBundleVersion key/value pair.

doing a "Reset Contents & Settings" will work, would be better to set an appropriate CFBundleVersion in the Info.plist.

you can check more error info in ~/Library/Logs/CoreSimulator/CoreSimulator.log for error details also, more information about the problem in the simulated device's system log ~/Library/Logs/CoreSimulator/[Device UDID]/system.log.

For more detail check here:

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