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Resolve BaseGameActivity

as many people I'm trying to follow this tutorial without success.
The simple error is:

The import cannot be resolved

BaseGameUtils is set as library and it imports the google-play-services without errors.
My test project imports the BaseGameUtils library without errors, infact if I try to import the generic library I have no error

import*; -> no error!

In the folder


there are only two files:
The file is present only in the folder


with other two files

How can I resolve the problem? A simple
Clean -> Build
has no effect.
Thank you

.: EDIT :.

Here a screen of the situation

Answer Source

You need to use BaseGameUtils located at eclipse_compat/libraries/BaseGameUtils instead of BasicSamples/libraries/BaseGameUtils. Since the eclipse_compat directory is no more available in the github site, I've shared it here.

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