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How do I alias commands in svn?

I want to add some aliases for

command in osX system. For example:

svn ci "Some message" // equal to svn commit -m "Some message"
svn addall // equal to svn add --force * --auto-props --parents --depth infinity -q

What have I do to achieve this?

I am newb in svn, previously I use
and all aliases were created in
file. Is this possible in the same way in


Regarding this answer note, after adding the following lines in
file :

alias ciam = "commit -m"

ciam = commit -m

the command:

svn ciam

still not working.

Is it another way possible to define svn aliases?

Answer Source

You would need to define bash aliases (and not svn configs), as the ones proposed in xentek's gist

# add everything that needs to be added based on results of svn status
alias svnadd="svn st | grep \? | awk '''{print \"svn add \"$2 }''' | bash" 

In this answer, for instance:

added an alias to ~/.bashrc:

alias svn-add-unversioned="svn st | grep '^\?' | sed 's/^\? *//' | xargs -I% svn add %" 

Now I just type svn-a and hit tab, enter!

In your case, you can define alias svnaddall to your command (mentioned in "How do I SVN add all unversioned files to SVN?").

Note: that are subversion config file (~/.subversion/config or /etc/subversion/config), but it won't include alias definition.

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