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Python Question

How to return when looped variable amount of times

Just going through some practice exercises, this one asks to create a dice roller that will generate a random number. The arguments of the function are supposed to be (number of sides on dice, Number of Rolls)

If I just use return it will stop the loop. I know a way around this is to combine the answers and print that but what if the amount of answers (or rolls in this case) is a variable?

Here is my code:

import random

def rolldice(sides, rolls):
start = 1
while start <= rolls:
number = random.randint(1, sides)
start += 1
return number

print rolldice(6, 3)

How can I get this to print this:


Answer Source

you can use yield

import random

def rolldice(sides, rolls):
  for i in xrange(0, rolls):
    yield random.randint(1, sides)

for item in rolldice(6,3):
  print item
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