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Thread Interrupt in java

I have the following questions, if I interrupt a thread in java, a process that is running 15 minutes, it will stop the process, stop the methods or will finish this process,and not allow others continue in line?

I have a "thread" that will call a method that will do a comparison based "access" and "postgres" after it will insert in postgres, if I want to stop the thread that called this action, she will succeed the stop the process, or wait they finish?

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It will not stop the thread unless the methods executing in it are willing to terminate when they receive the "interrupt" signal. Methods that throw InterruptedException usually fall into this category. Of course, all methods in the call chain need to cooperate in one way or another.

If your code does not call "interruptable" methods or has sections that don't call them for long periods, then make them check flag Thread.isInterrupted() periodically, and terminate clean and gracefully if it ever becomes true. Same thing if you ever receive (and catch, which you should) InterruptedExceptions.

Your question can be improved, though, if your intent is more specific. I was about to explain how the "thread interrupt" protocol works, but perhaps this is not what you are looking for.

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