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Apache Configuration Question

Forbidden: You don't have permission to access / on this server, WAMP Error

I have installed wamp on windows 8 and received above error whenever I go to localhost or phpmyadmin. After much searching I found many answers which includes modifying the httpd.conf to

Allow from All
etc. This link shows such a common answer with further information.

My problem is that many have argued that it gives permission to all users to access phpMyAdmin and it is insecure and vulnerable etc. I want to create perfectly secure WAMP server and is it OK if I do this?

Can someone please provide me with some reference or information?

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I find the best (and least frustrating) path is to start with Allow from All, then, when you know it will work that way, scale it back to the more secure Allow from or Allow from ::1 (localhost).

As long as your firewall is configured properly, Allow from all shouldn't cause any problems, but it is better to only allow from localhost if you don't need other computers to be able to access your site.

Don't forget to restart Apache whenever you make changes to httpd.conf. They will not take effect until the next start.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started, there is lots of documentation available online.

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