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Javascript Question

HTML5 Audio Looping

I've been playing with HTML5 audio recently, and though I can get it to play the sound it only ever will play once. No matter what I try (setting the properties, event handlers, etc) I can't seem to get it to loop.

Here's the basic code I'm using:

//myAudio is declared at a global scope, so it doesn't get garbage collected.
myAudio = new Audio('someSound.ogg');
myAudio.loop = true;;

I'm testing using Chrome (6.0.466.0 dev) and Firefox (4 beta 1), both of which seem happy to ignore my requests for looping. Any ideas?

UPDATE: The loop property is now supported in all major browsers.

Answer Source

While loop is specified, it is not implemented in any browser I am aware of Firefox [thanks Anurag for pointing this out]. Here is an alternate way of looping that should work in HTML5 capable browsers:

myAudio = new Audio('someSound.ogg'); 
myAudio.addEventListener('ended', function() {
    this.currentTime = 0;;
}, false);;
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