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Node.js Question

using npm to install a development version

There is a minor issue with alasql, and the developer has kindly suggested using

instead of just
for now, and the issue will be corrected very soon.

I know very little about npm except how to install, remove, and list. and using '--only=dev' didnt seem to work, even after removing and installing:

npm remove alasql;
npm i --only=dev alasql; // this did not install develop-1476

My question: how do i install developer version #1476? Here is the 0.3.6-develop-1476 github information.

Is there some way to use
git clone
instead of npm? Or perhaps combine the two?

Thank you very much, and I apologize for asking such a basic question.

Answer Source

From the commit history, we now know that the commit-SHA of the commit which bumped the version to 0.3.6-develop-1476 is f19e17eeb908638ef320539e5b80357bfcc0709d . So, all you need to do is:

npm install 'https://github.com/agershun/alasql#f19e17eeb908638ef320539e5b80357bfcc0709d' --verbose 
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