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In Oracle Database, how do you extract text in-between characters? (SQL)

I'm new at SQL and I have been trying to practice working with Oracle Database.

While working on an activity, I came across one that confounds me -- I am trying to extract specific text from in-between characters. The specific activity that I cannot seem to figure out using these functions is:

For table called Users in the column called Emails, extract only the email domain (that is, the text in-between @ and .), so that full email addresses:




Becomes a new column called Domains with the values:

  • yahoo

  • aol

  • outlook

So far I have only been able to write code that isolates only the username to:

  • mjane

  • jdoe

  • jbarry

Using this code:

`select rtrim(Emails,substr(Emails,instr(Emails,'@')))
from StudentEmails;`

Any help would be extremely appreciated! I've been scratching my head about this for hours! Thank you!!!

Answer Source
              INSTR(Emails, '@') + 1,
              INSTR(Emails, '.') - INSTR(Emails, '@') - 1) AS Domains
FROM Users


I assume that emails have as single dot separating the domain name from domain type (e.g. com, net). If you had an email like, then the above query would return domain as being the domain.

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